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Residence VPS I Ville Design

111 5471-061A SC3

Photography by Cafeine


Originating from two city apartments in Belgium, Residence VPS has been completely re-imagined by interior designer, Thaïs Niville, into its final form - a timeless private 250sqm residence.

Used to fresh country air, the owners planned a move to the city, but they wanted to create a tranquil, minimal apartment that separated them from the stress and hustle of city life. 

Thaïs Niville’s brief was open, in her words, she had ‘carte blanche’ and the overall feel of the house was developed in close collaboration with the clients over a two year period. 

With a vision to create an interior that would stand the test of time,  products and details were chosen that would age impeccably and would be as perfect into the future. 

Tadelakt, the Moroccan-style plaster which is a natural, water repellent plaster used as a tactile alternative to tiling in wet rooms and bathrooms, takes centre stage throughout the apartment conversion. Tadelakt covers many of the surfaces – walls, floors, cabinetry, even through to kitchen cabinetry. The shower floor uses natural large format stone to ensure that maintenance was kept to a minimum.

Thaïs’s vision was to embrace the ‘less is more’ attitude often seen in contemporary hotel environments and luxury residences. 

VOLA was specified throughout - the natural brass was chosen to act as a touch of luxury, to accompany the tactile monochromatic colour scheme. Brass plays a crucial role throughout in showing little flourishes of warmth. Products in natural brass include 111, 5471-061A, SC3. In the children’s bathroom, matt black products were selected to create a more relaxed setting. 

The project has only just been finalised and the owners are taking their time to find the perfect furniture to accompany the apartment.

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