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Jackson Hole I Mclean Quinlan

111M 5471-060A 090FM 590HM

Photographed by David Angello and Peter Cook


Jackson Hole House perches high above the town of Jackson, USA, with wide views of the snowcapped peaks and vast valley of the Grand Teton National Park.

Modelled on a nearby 19th century log cabin, McLean Quinlan’s beautiful architectural design unites elements of both European chalet and classic American cabin, highlighting the exceptional quality of materials and craftsmanship, delighting in the detail. The orientation, design and natural materials - reclaimed and new - allow the building to be integrated within the surrounding land rather than simply sitting upon it. The silvering cedar shingle roof blends with the majestic landscape beyond. The external hand-crafted stonework will continue to be covered in lichen as the sagebrush gradually creeps up to the boundaries of the house as the building blends into the landscape.

The detail and feel of the house were developed in close collaboration with the clients. McLean Quinlan’s simple palette of natural materials and tactile elements are the essence of Jackson Hole and these materials were chosen for their ability to patina and improve with use and age, contributing to the overall ambience of the house.

Suffused with the smell of timber, the house is a sensorial experience authentic to the land it occupies – tactile wooden contours of handles and handrails, the sound of the breeze that passes freely through the house when glass walls are slid open all combine to appeal to the senses.

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