VOLA HV1 designed in 1968 and still green

VOLA HV1 designed in 1968 and still green

To create and manufacture a design of a quality that lasts for generations is the best example of a commitment to environmental responsibility.

The tap VOLA HV1 was designed in 1968 by the Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen for the National Bank of Denmark. Today more than 50 years after it is still being selected by young architects for their new buildings. The design is timeless, and the tap is produced from the best material so it lasts for generations.

By adding small flow regulators the flow of the VOLA taps and mixers can easily be reduced. By choosing VOLA electronic taps and mixers the flow times can be set individually. As the water stops automatically when the hands are removed from the tap, electronic taps and mixers will always be a water-saving solution.

For households this gives food for thought. However, for hotels and office buildings the possibility that VOLA can configure its taps and mixers exactly to the water consumption required for the specific purpose can save considerable amounts of money and at the same time be environmentally responsible.


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Mixer with on-off sensor
On/off per day  times
Flow time in sec. (3 - 10 - 20 - 30)  sec.
Flow Regulator  l/min
Per day in litres  litres
Per weeks in litres  litres
Per years in m3  m3
Number of use per. Day  times
Flow time per. use in sec.  sec.
Flow Regulator  l/min
Per day in litres  litres
Per week in litres  litres
Per year in m3  m3
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Danish design heritage VOLA experience A promise of longevity

In choosing VOLA you become part of the enduring heritage of iconic Danish design and exceptional craftsmanship.

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