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VOLA Academy

VOLA Academy

Horsens - Denmark

Lean, simple and stylish architecture

This new, beautiful building reflects the minimalist design of the VOLA products. The architecture is lean and stylish, the materials few and simple. Basically, the building consists of an open steel frame with glass gables resting on a concrete base. At the front, the base is stepped, creating an entrance to the building while also forming the staggered seating in the auditorium. In continuation of the main building are two free-standing frames or arches which mark the entrance and which create a visual interplay of light and shade.

The same holistic approach permeates the interior. The layout is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and functionality. The details are well conceived, the spartan interior characterised by perfectionism and an unfailing sense of style. The building houses a double-height auditorium, four meeting and conference rooms and a double-height ‘museum corridor’ with display cabinets built into the concrete walls showing a selection of VOLA products. A mezzanine floor above the meeting and conference rooms is used as office space.

An attractive and decorative light filters down and into the building through the narrow window panels, which form an irregular pattern in the facade. The window frames have been painted bright yellow, green and orange, creating a strong effect and adding sharpness to the large open concrete rooms. The raw concrete is also set off by the glass and wood, by the sense of space and by the minimalist interiors – altogether giving the building the uniquely international and exclusive feel which is also characteristic of the VOLA products.

Carefully selected specialist installers will be invited to study every aspect of the VOLA product range and its applications, with certificates awarded to successful students.
The Academy will also host gatherings of architects and designers who will be welcome to share ideas and opinions.

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Danish design heritage VOLA experience A promise of longevity

In choosing VOLA you become part of the enduring heritage of iconic Danish design and exceptional craftsmanship.

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