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VOLA Maintenance

In order to avoid damaging the internal or exposed parts of the products, please observe the following

In general
Use only detergents that are meant for the actual surface of the product. Always follow the instructions for the use of the detergents.
Never use aggressive detergents, scouring powder, steel wool, steel brush or other abrasives.
Never spray detergents directly on to the surfaces, always spray the detergent on a cloth or the like.
Always thoroughly rinse the surfaces with water when they have been cleaned with detergents.
Prevent lime scale deposits by regular cleaning. Wiping with a damp cloth daily is all that is required.
Deposits of shampoo, liquid soap and other body lotions should be rinsed away with water immediately.

The spouts have water-saving aerators where appropriate. In order to maintain perfect performance from your tap or mixer, aerators should be removed from their housing and soaked for a few hours in vinegar when required.

Lime scale deposits are removed by rubbing the rubber nozzles. The shower should be
wiped with a dry, clean cloth. The showers can be cleaned with neutral or mild basic (pH 6-9) fluid detergents. Let the detergent work for short time and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Electronic taps and mixers
When cleaning electronic taps and mixers be careful not to damage the sensor eyes. Never use detergents or the like that might scratch the sensor eyes. The sensor eyes can be cleaned with water and a little soap on a cotton bud.

Guarantees on VOLA items become void if the products are damaged due to
incorrect or non-appropriate use or maintenance.


Colour coating
The colour surface is an powder coating mixture which is oven-hardened at very high temperatures.

It is not necessary to clean coloured surfaces with a detergent. A daily wipe with a damp cloth is all that is required. Polishing with a car wax, or similar, once a year will keep coloured surfaces shining. The colour coating may be compromised if a build-up of soaps/detergents or mineral deposits is allowed to occur.

The colour coating does not tolerate exposure to basic or alkaline products (e.g. soap and detergents).

Spray painted surface (RS Series)
Varnish and paint are applied with handheld spray guns.

A daily wipe with a damp cloth is all that is required. Cleaning can be done with water, mild soap and spirit. Treatment with car wax is not recommended as the lacquer is matt.

The colour coating does not tolerate exposure to basic or alkaline products (e.g. soap and detergents).

Chrome (col. 16)
Polished chrome finish is achieved by buffing the natural brass to a very high sheen, then plating to approx. 0,5 microns with high quality chrome. The nickel layer is 12-15 microns.

Brushed Chrome (col. 20)
The high quality of the brushed chrome finish is reached by brushing the polished brass and nickel layer before adding the chrome plating.

A non-acid based, non-abrasive kitchen cleaner should be used when cleaning chrome

Natural brass (col. 19)

Colour 19 is natural (un-lacquered) brass.

Please be aware that the surface of natural brass will patinate if it is not being polished regularly with a polish suitable for brass. When natural brass items patinate the individual components of the tap will patinate differently.

The polished brass surface requires regular cleaning with a brass cleaner.

Stainless steel (col. 40)
Colour 40 is solid stainless steel.

Wiping with a damp cloth daily is all that is required.
Special stainless steel cleaners can be used if required.
We advise against the use of detergents like alcohol, bleach, thinner etc. as they can cause discoloration of the surface.
Chlorinated detergents can cause surface corrosion.
Scouring powder or other abrasives should not be used as the brushed surface will then be changed.

Maintenance of PVD coated products:
If water and mild soap is used on a daily basis, cleaning with detergents is not required.

Do never spray detergents directly on to the surfaces, as this can cause damage of the surface from the inside.
Always spray the detergents on a cloth or the like.
After the use of detergents rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

Do not use detergents containing high concentration of fluorine, chlorine and
hydrogen peroxides.
Residues from basic detergents etc. that are not rinsed away with water, cause damage on the surface.

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