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Shingle House NORD Architects

590V 1511 811C-071


Shingle House – Living Architecture 

Photography by: Chris Everard


Shingle House - NORD Architects

Located in Dungeness near Romney Marsh in Kent, this serene cabin sits on what is now a protected natural environment but once was a simple fisherman’s cottage and smokehouse.

Shingle House sits unassumingly in one of the most unusual and poetic landscapes in England, which has been home to British artists including Derek Jarman, Paul Nash and Harold Gilman. With its ashen wood-clad exterior ,the cabin is a dark sculptural form on the beach landscape. Mirroring the external, the interior features a tongue-and-groove wall panelling throughout but in a contrasting white finish, creating a bright, functional space with large scale picture windows and mesmerising views from all sides.


From the outside, with its low line apex roof, the Shingle House appears quite modest in size but once inside, a double-height living room creates an expanse of space and flexibility and the feeling of being inside the pristine hull of an upturned boat. In contrast, the bedrooms offer a practical yet intimate space inspired by the scale of the rooms that once existed in the fisherman’s cottage.

Overlooking the main living area, the mezzanine level has its own private view looking out towards the sea, providing the perfect tranquil setting for contemplative moments.

The single height kitchen space protrudes from the main body of the building, creating a side space featuring custom-made wooden cabinetry by NORD Architects and custom-polished concrete worktops as a subtle nod to house’s pebble beach surroundings. This blends naturally with the soft palette of a single 590V basin-mounted mixer in naturally patinated brass.

The adjoining dining room sits adjacent to the kitchen and uses a monochrome palette throughout, punctuated by a narrow picture window which offers a view that could easily be mistaken for a painting.

Design is used modestly throughout Shingle House, providing inspiration without intimidation. The bathroom contrasts not just with black and white, but contemporary with traditional furnishings and fittings. The 811C-071 bath filler in matt black provides a clever and beautiful space-saving solution but also a striking contrast to the more traditional heritage bath.

The Shingle house is featured in The White Company’s For the Love of White: The White & Neutral Home by Chrissie Rucker & The White Company Book. The book offers the definitive guide to creating a home with beautifully pure, white and neutral tones.

Book Credit:

For the Love of White: The White & Neutral Home by Chrissie Rucker & The White Company is published by Mitchell Beazley, £30.00,

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